Travel & Hospitality

That Requests And Inquiries Can Be Worked

The AURO ADT travel industry is one of the biggest enterprises across the globe. Today, an online reservation framework for travel booking has been introduced to handle the outdated booking systems so that requests and inquiries can be worked out in a proficient and fast way. The travel industry is empowered with high-end technological solutions which have made this business extremely competitive as well as profitable.

Technology trends such as consumerization of IT are further disrupting the travel business. Technology, is fast becoming the key differentiator to provide an enriching customer experience resulting in sustained growth for the travel service providers. Travel IT by AURO ADT empowers your customers to travel optimally by offering them user-friendly solutions.

AURO ADT provides cost effective and totally flexible and organic app development for companies large and small with the global travel and tourism industry, and in diverse ways. A tailor-made system by us gives their both established and potential customers instant access to a portfolio of services, which inevitably results in better business and a truly satisfied customer.

The entertainment industry has grown leaps and bounds. With people’s lives getting clogged with hectic work schedules, more and more holiday packages and leisure options are coming up. Recreation has evolved as a much demanded aspect of living now. AURO ADT has explored this industry to the hilt. We have been associated with some big Travel & Leisure companies to provide with our technical assistance.

With new trends and expectations of the customers, competition within the industry has also increased. Complete travel services from worldwide hotel reservations, package tours, airport transfers, sight-seeing tours among others are being provided. Travel companies are largely outsourcing online processing services and customized booking engines and others for increased visibility and customer satisfaction.

At AURO ADT, we recognize the needs of your customers, for their various accommodation requirements and provide you with following services giving you a cutting edge over competition. We understand travel, last minute bookings, destination travel guides and reliable customer support are essential for an enriching travel experience.

Using resourceful development framework and cutting-edge technology, we have successfully built solutions for different hospitality segments including hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies etc. With our travel and hospitality solutions at the place, you can get assured to receive tighter turn-around-time and flexible response mechanism.

We have hands-on experience building application virality features, and more importantly we have tremendous insight into the practicalities of the functionalities we build; for instance, we understand why a restaurant is better off receiving printed orders as opposed to receiving the same via mobile text or email. The reason for this is because the restaurant business as a whole is patchy by nature, which means footfalls peak on certain days and further vary with time of the day. This peaking could potentially clash with the time when there is also a surge in online orders which can be overwhelming to the reception staff who would barely have the time to check emails or mobile text, thus making printed orders a more prudent alternative.

AURO ADT has helped all those companies and services that input to travel and hospitality industry to successfully achieve projects aimed at selling to the consumer market, taking on new challenges to improve client business and develop new skills in the process challenges by employing and providing innovative communications technology.