Our Telecom expertise cuts across Wireless

AURO ADT Telecom expertise cuts across Wireless, Unified communications, core networks, switching and routing, value added services etc. With this expertise, we have been focussing on telecom service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers. For Telecom Service Providers we have been involved in building BSS (Business Support Systems) for billing, sales and ordering, OSS (Operational Support Systems) and CRM platforms, including integration of custom. For telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, we have been involved in providing product engineering services like writing device drivers, developing embedded software, board support packages, middleware applications.

The Total telecom marketing budget is devoted to digital media, the allocated amount of marketing budget is not optimally utilized. Telecom is next only to retail/e-tail as a sector which continues to show consistent, booming growth. The AURO ADT of the seemingly bright side is wafer-think operating margins – almost entirely due to very high licensing costs and hyper-competition. Cost per acquisition (CPA) is facing an enormous pressure to remain a positive growth driver due to increasingly demanding and discerning customers who have now, the luxury of a very wide variety of brand choices to make across service providers, services and devices

Our experienced global development and support teams provide our clients with high standards of excellence and execution. Our teams combine extensive knowledge and expertise in technology with a well-developed understanding of business constraints and impacts. Whether you are in need of a complete telecommunications solution or just looking to augment your team with skilled developers.

AURO ADT offers a complete range of services for telecom networks on turnkey basis and/or as per the specific modes defined by its customers. AURO ADT supplies tailor-made solutions in the field of operations and maintenance. The knowledge, experience and flexibility of our employees enable us to fulfill our responsibilities in accordance with service level agreements.

Data services are one of the key drivers of the telecom industry owing to the increasing internet penetration among customer groups. M-Commerce is also considered as a grand opportunity for business expansion. This industry has evolved and make the huge transformation to meet the ever changing customer requirements. Telecom sector needs to handle the sensitive customer information on the daily basis and also has to assure the customers that their information is in safe hands.

  • Focus on information security risk management throughout the organization with a complex and distributed operational structure
  • Understand and tackle the prevailing legal & regulatory requirements
  • Make emphasis on information security covering telecom network, IT systems and equipment
  • Devising the operations control framework to maintain the security and privacy of the susceptible information
  • AURO ADT the internal organization security with the on-going challenging threats in operating the business
  • Manage the internal organization security up to an extent that can enable the telecom operators to reduce the security risks arising from internal and external sources.

Companies are actively seeking application development services to meet their specific needs and AURO ADT continues in its quest to create innovative mobile apps that have the capability to work with multiple channels of communication.

In our bid to increase profitability for our clients, we concentrate on enhanced operational efficiency whilst minimizing outlay. In recent years, AURO ADT’s customized telecom application development has been empowering leaders in the world’s telecommunications industry.