Understanding “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a virtual network where every objects, whether a person or an animal, everything is assigned and recognized by a unique address (Technically known as IP address) and has an amazing ability to transfer and receive data over a network without any sort of communication between human-to-computer or human-to-human. It allows objects to be sensed and controlled across the AURO ADT, crafting great opportunities to connect with the physical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in enhanced adeptness, accuracy and economic benefit.

We believe in doing smartest work at AURO ADT with latest and growing demands from customer and markets, which motivates us to work with most recent vertical domains, though complex and challenging at times. Internet of Things, is such one spot, where AURO ADT has matured over times to have strong team of exceptionally passionate and competent resources.

AURO ADT has developed a comprehensive and unique testing strategy to tackle any challenges associated with validating IoT applications. AURO ADT makes use of the real devices, tools, and frameworks to perform testing of IoT applications. The IoT test framework developed by AURO ADT can be easily integrated with various platforms and IoT protocols. The in-house tools can be used to recreate real-time scenarios and when combined with simulators, can facilitate enhanced automation. Our in-depth expertise and offerings make IoT application testing hassle-free and simple. We facilitate end-to-end coverage of the testing by:

  • Defining test strategy
  • Validating user experience across multiple channels
  • Using real devices and simulators for performance
  • Cloud security and device validation
  • End-to-end automation

Internet of Things (IoT) has become a part of our lives. It’s connecting devices and sensors to people, and is pushing all industries towards a digital transformation. IoT can help you thrive in a hyper-connected world, boost operational efficiency and transform to a future-ready business model. The extraordinary volumes of data generated from IoT applications like smart appliances and wearables, can help you drive meaningful customer insights.

Enterprises are adopting Internet of Things (IoT) as a key element of their digital transformation strategy. AURO ADT brings the power of Accelerite Concert and an agile process to manage the adoption of IoT for a broad range of applications.

AURO ADT Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables organizations with real-time tracking of devices, data and processes. It helps multiple industries to benefit from IoT enabled devices and applications. Some of the new digital opportunities for industries are:

  • Customized shopping experience by e-commerce industries using real-time analytics and purchase patterns
  • Real-time location tracking, asset management and communication for the logistic companies
  • Track machinery life-cycle and maintenance requisites by manufacturers
  • Better financial insights and more customer engagement for banking industry.

Internet of Things refers to a vast network of internet enabled devices which are also in an interconnection with each other. It defines an efficient channel which works on sensor mechanism and components such as Bluetooth Sensors, low energy embeds sensors etc.

IoT Apps development offers :

IP Addresses : Ip addresses play a vital role in IoT system the latest version of the internet protocol.

IoT gateways: IoT gateways is a form of solution that connects the devices to the internet through communication modes like wifi, bluetooth smart, Wi-Fi and wireless etc. This setup also enables the devices to communicate with each other Our IoT services are as follows:

  • IoT hardware development
  • Embedded hardware prototyping
  • IOT gateway development
  • Iot node development.

Investment in IoT apps from AURO ADT creates:

  • New business opportunities
  • Excites customers and attracts new ones
  • Enhances business efficiency
  • Let devices communication - with you and other devices
  • Technology to reach more targeted users
  • An ability to solve the complex problems and while offering simple solutions
  • Credence value to stay ahead of competitors.