Communication plan for our clients

We at AURO ADT understand your IT and Digital needs and help you to respond adequately. We having years of expertise in Web design, Web Application Development, SEO and Digital Marketing field, we formulate the best possible strategies and communication plan for our clients. We are working with many countries for developing their web Application portals and mobile application for their educational institution. We are having company situated in India, IT requirements of Educational Industry.

We develop a secure integrated environment that enables you to conduct and mange training and learning digitally and helps you to target international market generating high revenue and profit for your business. With the help of our team's innovative and AURO ADT replace the traditional way of learning.

Do we really need to spend huge amount on getting degrees? One can equally quench his third for knowledge by joining online classes. Online classes are not only cheap but also conveniently arranged for those who are working.

Advance Professional Practice and enable career advancement
  • Develop their contextual and critical understanding
  • Improving quality and developing practice.
  • Focusing the learning of applicant within the workplace.
Promote teachers’ pre-service training and education.
  • Improve the relevance of the concepts and competences.
  • Improving quality and developing practice.
  • Analyze and focus on which mythologies best improve an education.

With custom built high-quality applications or off-the-shelf products, our teams support your technology requirements that reduce your reliance on support for legacy systems, lower costs and meet expanded needs.

  • Learning Management
  • E-learning with multi-language content development expertise
  • Data and Information Management
  • Course Inventory
  • Assets Management
  • Portal Development
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Scheduling.

Whether you represent a community college, university, or not-for-profit organization, at AURO ADT, we provide a portfolio of suitable products and solutions that are designed to cater to your business needs. Our team provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions right from business analysis, design, and custom development, to implementation and integration. We help academic institutions of all sizes reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving education.

AURO ADT has exceptional knowledge within the e-learning software development realm. We create and customize e-learning platforms for software vendors, educational entities, and corporate trainers who wish to provide technological tools to facilitate education. Our AURO ADT e-learning team is comprised of experienced designers, content creators, graphic artists, and developers with many years of expertise creating custom e-learning platform solutions, which provide interactive, engaging, and fully adaptive educational experiences.

Our technologies strength help clients to cope up with challenges in all areas including administration operations, results management, performance management, curriculum management, academic research, and admissions helps in developing personalized education programs and improved learning ecosystem streamlining the academic services. Things have changed significantly over the years in education. Fast growing demand of education in developing country has led to increase in the rise of assessment per candidate. Examining a student is an integral part of any education system.