Business Intelligence

A big bunch of innovative yet robust strategies

Business Intelligence (BI) helps to search, analyze, and provide current information about the business performance. This innovative solution has great ability to convert the raw data of company into a reliable, meaningful and utilitarian data. Business Intelligence is a technology powered solution that enables a user to perform proper data analytics, data warehousing, business performance management, and much more. As it can transform your business progress completely, it requires talented professionals to implement it efficiently. With the help of brilliant Business Intelligence (BI) services, we help our esteemed clients to evaluate their business performance, strategies their future plans, and stay on leading position.

Understanding the threat landscape in-depth, our Business Intelligence Services works prominently on crucial concerns of the organization including secured transactions, minimized risk and critical decisions. Holding in-depth expertise in providing Business Intelligence Services, we help enterprises to expand through investment. Our AURO ADT and highly experienced team of professionals helps in minimizing risk and revamp business process.

The AURO ADT Advantage

  • Expertise in designing complex and large BI solutions with revenue generating BI products
  • Experience in building BI solutions that analyze, predict, and improve product performance
  • Expertise in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with solutions aligned to the market needs
  • Flexibility to deliver as BI program partner, solution integrator, advisor, or outsourcing partner
  • Expertise in BI consulting and building strategic BI roadmap based on client’s BI maturity for maximum business outcome.
  • Ability to architect and design complex and large BI solutions
  • Providing 24x7 support for business critical BI processes
  • Adept at building revenue generating BI products
  • Accelerated time-to-market through reusing of industry specific DW structures
  • BI consulting, assessing client's BI maturity level and define a strategic BI roadmap for maximum business outcome.

Our business intelligence experts help you monitor mission critical data that includes client information, relations, suppliers, market, and organizational operations to create neat picture and futuristic decision.

  • Who are your target clients?
  • Who among them are the profitable ones?
  • Are you able to keep a check on your competitor’s performance?
  • Are you able to meet industry’s performance benchmark?

AURO ADT believes that analysis is one of the key tools for business growth. We offer the kind of business intelligence reporting and analysis tools that allow you to keep your fingers on the pulse of your organization. Transform the flow of information that runs through your company into a fountain of critical decision-making assets.

In today’s progressive business environment, it has become an absolute necessity to have insights into the data and accordingly analyze it in-depth to deliver sustainable performance. To hold a distinct competitive advantage, organizations must be willing to go-beyond the traditional way of capturing and using the data. Empowered business decisions require real-time data analytics and Trends for balancing business projections and actual deliveries. AURO ADT’s Business Intelligence practice helps businesses to unlock the data value for faster decision-making, maximum accuracy and efficiency to accelerate innovation to get a competitive advantage.

BI today is all pervasive, aiding executives to fine tune strategies at the operational level. Seamless integration of BI with MS-Office and on-demand delivery is a significant productivity driver. Advanced BI systems handle both structured and unstructured data to deliver tremendous value to users. Real-time BI reduces latency time to quickly deliver up-to-date results and innovative service models are revolutionizing the concept of information delivery.