Support In Various Business Processes

The trend of global corporations continuing to face severe competitive pressure and outsourcing work to cost effective locations is accelerating day by day. At AURO ADT, we are ideally placed to provide support in various business processes in which we possess proven expertise. ? Our goal is to help you Expand and Retain your customer base. We have the experience and personal to create contact solutions that help you acquire new customers while increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of your current customers.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to contracting the management of a particular business to a organisation can focus exclusively on growth. AURO ADT offers exclusive and constantly evolving process delivery services BPO operations. Our services leverage the businesses of our customers for better growth results by being cost-effective and technology-driven.

BPO industry processes the large amount of data from different parts of the world. A small breach of the data security pulls adverse publicity and it gets the adverse effect on the reputation of the BPO firm. the BPO industry is always on the high alert by external attacks.

Challenges in BPO Industry

It is quite essential to understand the security posture in IT/ BPO industry. There are severe security challenges for sensitive data that needs to mention hereunder.

  • Get the better understanding of internal threats and needs to achieve the enhanced ability for handling the data security risks.
  • Plan, prioritize and manage the internal threat incidents.
  • Understand the insider threats, finding means to identify the threats and plan the precautionary measures to tackle with these threats.
  • Recognize the motivational factors that lead to these threats and help staff and HR personnel.

We offer expertise in analytics for banks and financial institutions. Our analytics services equip organizations with actionable business insights and help them align their business operations with their customer needs and expectations. With a deep understanding of the business context, we provide custom-built solutions that suitably meet the business expansion and revenue goals of financial organizations.

Our Differentiators:
  • Deep domain expertise and rich experience of working with top banks and financial institutions
  • Proven expertise in customer experience management
  • Extensive experience of transforming business processes
  • Speedy collections and dispute resolution through automated workflows and integrated systems
  • Customer data management and specialized analytics services for banks and financial institutions
  • Built-in quality controls and robust governance mechanisms for improved customer satisfaction
  • Real-time reports and analyses through process dashboards and automated tools.

Business Process Outsourcing or Offshore BPO Services has not just remained an option; it has become a necessity in today's competitive marketplace. The business environment needs innovative ideas and services, and has become key to customer retention and acquisition. Based on our principle - 'each client's needs unique treatment' and using our offsourcing approach.

The offshore BPO arm of AURO ADT is operating to offer our experience to enhance client’s performance above and beyond expected. By merging our IT and BPO expertise we deliver maximum value to our clients.

At AURO ADT Business Process Services (BPS) we understand this changing need of customers, and our aim is to delight you through a combination of operational excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities. The operational excellence comes from our experience of partnering with multiple global clients over the years, and the industry expertise is based on our focus in select industry verticals at AURO ADT.

Inbound call center services are of prime importance. The fact remains if there is a prompt and efficient customer support and customer care, it is as good as wonderful service or a great product. If such a thing is absent, there is a chance that one loses the important customer to the competitor. We have a reputation of handling the inbound customer care operations for various organizations around the globe. There is a need of highly skilled call center professionals apart from the state of the art telecommunication software for the best results.