Banking & Finance

We love to improve the services

AURO ADT renders engaging user experience, analytics and functioning IT solutions and services for Banking and Insurance sectors. We love to improve the services of world’s reputed banks and financial institutions by delivering state-of-the-art solutions. The web and mobile app development services offered by our veterans help you better engage with your website visitors and customers

The financial services sector is at an inflection. Regulatory changes, tectonic shifts in the marketplace, demographic upheavals, and political and social unrest have convulsed the sector. The AURO ADT has forced governments the world over to tighten regulations, resulting in increased costs to financial services, which have to invest money to ensure that they comply with the new requirements.

Our services in financial services cut across retail banking and institutional banking covering a host of areas like mobile banking, digital payments, branchless / Internet banking, Microfinances etc. We have also developed a product ‘AURO ADT’ which provides a platform for digital banking and digital payments for large and small banks, microfinance companies and co-operatives. The product has given us a wider and deeper exposure to the financial services domain and allows us to take on a number of projects in this industry segment.

Accounting – Create charts for any country using a chart-of-accounts template, which you can adapt to fit your unique business needs; define individual charts to support reporting requirements.

Journal entries – Benefit from functionality that automatically posts journal entries from the sales, purchasing, and banking areas and also creates new journal entries. You can search for existing entries and automatically allocate each transaction to a project or a profit center. Digital world - disruptive in any sense – is the principal challenge of any industry. Those, which drive the global economy, must react to the new consumer and to a globalized world.

Banking industry has been facing significant challenges in recent times due to increasing regulatory and security compliances and technology disruption. The highly competitive financial technology start-ups are giving serious threat to traditional banks and financial services. With more and more people bank through mobiles or other devices, it is important to offer personalized and smooth user experience online. In order to become a next generation institution and provide consistent performance, banks need to be equipped with smooth enterprise and mobile applications, cloud enablement, IoT capabilities and strong analytics. Streamline and optimize your core business processes, reach customers more effectively through digital channels, reduce cycle time and minimize delinquency rates with effective technology solutions for

  • Commercial and Small Business
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgages.

Our Offerings:

  • Architecture development and design
  • Product enhancements & development services
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Application integration services
  • Asset and Wealth Management Systems
  • Portals and enterprise collaboration tools
  • Business Intelligence – Decision support systems
  • Data management and customer analytics.

The Financial Services industry is experiencing wild growth as AURO ADT startups build world-changing, disruptive financial solutions. It is now more important than ever to ensure that companies develop software and mobile applications that facilitate success without bogging business down in unnecessarily complex workflows. Banks and financial institutions are now more than ever providing users a stress free approach to access a wide variety of banking services from the comfort of their drawing rooms.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) perhaps is the most happening and talked about industry amongst the mass. In today’s busy life, consumers look for solutions that could leverage that would make their life easy. Thus what became the need of the hour was a customized solution for all BFSI need.

Our services include:

  • Define end to end marketing, sales and service processes that include inputs from social media
  • Statistical data analysis and modeling for Sales and Marketing campaigns
  • Quantification of Social Media campaigns on the bottom line
  • Automate wealth management process using Salesforce, including customized Goal Planning and Tracking, and Risk Modeling
  • Risk modeling for forecasting
  • Mobile and Web Solutions for advanced Personal Finance Management features for better customer engagements.