These can be the access to transport modes

The global automotive industry has gone through extraordinary changes to meet the challenges of the modern world- ranging from enhancing driver safety to enabling a greener environment. In this technology-led disruption era, the need to go beyond just a moving vehicle is a driving factor for all the leading companies in the automotive domain.

Mobility services are services than can be delivered to drivers or passengers in motion or at rest. These can be the access to transport modes such as cars but also the delivery of content or services like car sharing services, parking space or charging station location for electric cars. Mobility services also includes the combination of various means of transport to arrive at your destination. These services are driven by the digital life style, connected cars and the sharing economy.

Our automotive customers enjoy support for the total lifecycle—from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service—fully integrated with financials and human resources. Plus support for lean initiatives.

Vehicle Engineering Solutions

Automotive Simulation is more important than ever in vehicle engineering with the innovation surge currently happening in the industry. Smart electronics, infotainment, telecommunications, advanced software – vehicle makers are delivering innovative, groundbreaking technologies to today’s consumers. They are also quickly making self-driving vehicles a reality with the introduction of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous features.

The automotive industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace. However, your goal essentially remains the same: to operate more efficiently and get products to market faster. Our automotive manufacturing expertise, strategic relationships, and automation and control solutions span the entire automotive supply chain. We can help you achieve your goal with our:

  • Global program launch experience and expertise that includes: global specification design development, integration of IT and manufacturing systems, workforce training, local support, and machine builder coordination
  • In-depth knowledge of automotive manufacturing operations and process optimization.

The complex and competitive automotive industry has experienced significant disruption, and is entering a period of high uncertainty. Global automotive manufacturers and distributors manage vast, highly-regulated supply chains on the verge of a technological revolution. Carefully regarding the narrow profit margins, highly sensitive to the broader market economy, the automotive industry is treading water lightly amid the looming uncertain geopolitical, regulatory and technological environments.

We can provide a AURO ADT of automotive & transportation services from this domain to help our clients grow in terms of customer acquisition and enhanced ROI. Some of these include:

  • Legacy Migration Application Development
  • Workflow Systems
  • Automation Solutions
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Integration between ERP Systems and Web applications
  • Data Migration.

The automotive industry is facing fundamental changes brought on by digital technologies. Changing consumer preferences influenced by emerging digital technologies, new digital retail configurations and changing roles of the sales force, dealers and distributors are changing the very way that the industry operated. Products are becoming more complex, safety compliance and environmental regulations more stringent while there are huge pressures to focus on aspects such as innovation, car connectivity, fuel efficiency, costs and capacity. AURO ADT does own industry expertise in providing accurate solutions to automobile companies with an objective to take a particular organization through a convenient and result-oriented procedure. Our professionals are well informed of the contemporary things related to automobile industry.

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